• Welcomed in Love

    We exist to glorify Him and to love our neighbors. We want to reflect His light to our community and the world. We are committed to allowing His Word to guide us in everything we do including our worship, our relationships and how we live our lives every day.

  • Worship to God

    We love to worship our Father in Heaven! We do our best to be one of the most unique worship experiences in Nashville - a completely acapella congregation that seeks to bring heart into our worship as we sing. Come and join us as we sing to God!

  • Connect

    Want to know how to connect with us? You can reach out via the Connect with NC link in the navigation menu and one of our staff members will respond. Due to renovations, we currently meet at 2pm on Sunday afternoons at the Renaissance Hotel - 611 Commerce Street (Fisk Meeting Room 1).

Meet Our Ministers

  • Spencer Davidson

    Spencer Davidson

    Preacher and Urban Outreach

  • Brandon Edwards

    Brandon Edwards

    Worship and Missions

Articles and Resources

A collection of articles, resources, and information in the world of ministry, spirituality, history, and art.

  • Sok Jan

    After spending almost a month traveling through southern China and the entire coast of Vietnam, we found ourselves heading to Cambodia. We had a friend there that we wanted to go and visit and we were really excited about seeing him and his wife. When we arrived at the Vietnam/Cambodian border, we found out that […]

  • Perspective

    Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to travel most of the globe. Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, North America, and the Austral Realm. It’s hard for me to believe all that I’ve been able to see and hear. Languages with clicking. The first foreigner in a mountainous remote village in central […]

  • My First Day in China

    My time in China was great. I truly loved being there and I truly love the people. The thousands of students I met. The millions of chinese who stared at me. The hundreds that I became friends with. This a story of where it all began. When we landed in Wuhan on that beautiful fall […]