Sok Jan

After spending almost a month traveling through southern China and the entire coast of Vietnam, we found ourselves heading to Cambodia. We had a friend there that we wanted to go and visit and we were really excited about seeing him and his wife.

When we arrived at the Vietnam/Cambodian border, we found out that our travel companion, Darla Pinkley, had no pages left in her passport and thus would not be allowed into Cambodia. (side note – this was the second time this had happened. We feel she should have learned this lesson the first time when on her way to Brazil! love ya, Darla!) So, we left her at the border and headed into Cambodia! Now, don’t get mad at us. She eventually found her way back to China….even though we did worry a lot. (another side note – we sent her countless emails none of which she responded to until a month later!)

As we made our way to Phnom Phen, we were amazed by the continued devastation left behind by the Pol Pot regime. The squalor of the cities and areas was incredible. We saw hundreds of amputees from landmines and people who had survived years of torture. It was quite incredible to witness.

We walked through an old high school that had been a house of torture. We saw pictures of thousands of kids who were forced into being the torturers. Some of them were even forced to torture their own parents. We literally saw the beds of torture in every room. I cried. I cried a lot.

But as in all things, God can show his light. Nate and Cheryl felt the call to go and they went. The small group of Christians that meets with them is a ray of light in a very dark, poor, devastated place. Sok Jan was one of my favorites. He lives in squalor, but has a heart of gold and is thankful for all that he has.

I want that happiness. I want that peace.

With all the pain, sorrow, and devastation in Cambodia, he is thankful for all he has. He is thankful for the love of God and the sacrifice of his Son.

I’m amazed by this. I’m amazed by people like Sok Jan.

I long for the peace that he has.

I long for God in the same way. He has given so much to me.

I am truly blessed.

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