Visitors to the Nashville Church of Christ should expect a warm worship experience centered around proclaiming God’s glory. The Nashville Church of Christ is committed to faithfully restoring the worship and teaching found in the New Testament. Therefore, worshippers will enjoy acappella singing, congregational giving, and teaching from God’s Word.

The Nashville Church of Christ is confident that the Bible holds the answers to eternal life and the world’s most pressing questions. Accordingly, there is a strong emphasis placed on teaching Biblical truths.  This leads to growth in the faith of those who are searching for a way of living that aligns with the ideas of being Christian.  Ultimately, this provides God’s children with hope and context for living in the 21st Century.

Each and every Sunday, the church partakes of the Lord’s Supper, or communion. During this time in worship, Christians partake of bread and fruit of the vine as memorials to Christ’s precious sacrifice on the cross.

When you visit the Nashville Church of Christ, expect love, balance, and His presence. Individuals from all walks of life are welcome to join us at the Nashville Church of Christ. For more information, email